Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Case Study in Plutocracy for the 'Occupy Wall Street' crowd

"What, me pay taxes?! Surely you jest! Heads, I win, tails, taxpayers lose!"

The Center for Public Integrity's iWatch News has a nice report today entitled "How an Obama fundraiser turned Oklahoma into a personal tax haven". The bagman in question is Tulsa billionaire George Kaiser (pictured above). It seems Kaiser has used every trick in the book to avoid taxes (the iWatch report links to a chapter in a 2001 book, The Cheating of America with details) while making piles of money. Yet when his investment in Solyndra, a firm making solar panels, went belly up, it was taxpayers who were on the hook -- for $535 million in loan guarantees. 

That's how plutocracies should be run, of course, and plutocracy's numerous hirelings heap scorn on the idea that things could be any different. But some people, like those in the "Occupy Wall Street" protests and their supporters, have other ideas of what a good society looks like...


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