Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Chinese edition of The Economics Anti-Textbook

Such is the language barrier, that only now did we discover that the Chinese edition of The Economics Anti-Textbook has been in print for a year. The Chinese title is 你最应该知道的 主流经济学  教科书的荒谬  which Google Translate awkwardly renders as 'You should be aware... of the absurdity of mainstream economics textbooks'. The cover (below, lifted from has a picture of a book whose interior appears to have been mostly shredded, which is not bad.

I'm curious to find out whether everything has been translated or whether any passages have been omitted in the interests of political correctness. As far as I could tell, the translation rights were sold with no restrictions concerning censorship.



  1. Avoiding mainstream material does have its advantages. After all, innovations, and, in turn, progress, can't be properly fostered without thinking out of the box.