Monday, September 19, 2011

Juliet Schor's Plenitude

Readers of The Economics Anti-Textbook will surely want to check out Juliet Schor's latest book, Plenitude: the new economics of true wealth. We made a number of references to Schor's work in The Anti-Textbook but this one (published also in 2010) was too recent to make it into our book.

I have added her book blog to the links on this page. Who can resist a blog that begins with this forthright statement?
I’m here to plant a stake in the heart of the Business-As-Usual economy and its bankrupt politics.
Not me!

For a neat graphic introduction, see this, or you can watch her lecture here...


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  1. First-world economies which followed the high-carbon, high-emission, high-productivity route to development, for all their high-talk cannot undo the damage they have done to the collective inheritance of the world by occupying most of the global sink, thriving as they do on the low-cost labour of third-world poverty, turning impoverished women into guinea-pigs for their research, and I'm not even starting on market-fundamentalism practiced at the global level. New or old, your american dream is our sickeningly familiar nightmare.