Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Where has The Economics Anti-Textbook been selling?

Tony and I recently got a report from Zed about sales of The Economics Anti-Textbook up to the end of September 2010. There were a few surprises, I thought.

Location                                         Hardcover                  Softcover

Europe                                                    9                           197
UK                                                          9                           502
USA                                                       23                          316
Rest-of-World (incl. Canada)                    0                           832

I would not have expected UK sales to exceed those in the US, although the book was released some months later there by Palgrave Macmillan, so perhaps that accounts for it.

Hardcover sales (intended for libraries) are less than I would have expected, but a quick check through our library catalog system shows the book is currently in 157 libraries so far, mostly libraries in universities and colleges, but also public and national libraries. So perhaps those were added after September, or libraries are buying the cheaper paperback.



  1. Rod,

    This is interesting information. I hope that more will read your book and become aware of the alternative ideas and policies available to address our economic problems.

    As a twenty year old production worker with some post secondary education, it's encouraging to come across a book that challenges the introductory economics curriculum. Also encouraging is that it reflects on the concerns of ordinary people.

    FYI, I'm in Vancouver and found your book at our public library.

    Has your publisher expressed interest in a follow up that covers macroeconomics? I ask because few books specifically address the Canadian government's interaction with the economy, the policies available to politicians and their broader effects on society. I've mostly come across U.S. texts revised by Canadian authors.


  2. Dan,

    In response to popular demand and interest from Zed, Tony Myatt is now working on a plan for a macroeconomics sequel to The Economics Anti-Textbook. Stay tuned!

    In my library search, I had seen that the Vancouver Public Library had a copy. Not many public libraries do, unfortunately.

    You are right that most texts in Canada are 'Canadianized' versions of US texts. There are a couple of exceptions where it's gone the other way -- a text by SFU's Richard Lipsey (one of the most successful texts ever) and a text by Michael Parkin of U of Western Ontario.


  3. Rod,

    Thank you for the response.

    I look forward to the macroeconomics follow up.

    A personal note, in my microeconomics class, we used the Mankiw text. I remember that we were taught models and theories, like supply and demand.

    Our professor logically explained why the model is sensible and irrefutable, giving examples to supplement it. But he did not describe the a) basis for the assumptions and b) the method used to reach the conclusions. Similarly, no alternatives or empirical evidence was offered for policies like price ceilings.

    The same applies to the Parkin book. I remember browsing through a classmates' copy and noticing how Parkin offers one small paragraph on normative economics. He completely ignored the pervasiveness of philosophy and ambiguity in economics. His role is to defend conservative economic practices.

    So I'm thankful for your book.

    BTW, I also did a brief search on your book and it seems aside from Vancouver, the only big city library that carries it is Halifax.


  4. You should also count on the poor 3rd-world anti-textbookers who illegally download your book because it's too expensive for us.

    So, add one in your rest-of-the-world count. Don't feel yourself stolen, please -- the book is really helping us discuss against latin american neo-classicals professors, and it should be a kind of payment!